Her majesty the Queen

MEd Research on immersive #gaming environments, #MMORPGs and #German language acquisition. Interested in #MOOC #EFL #edtech.



Trying to create a blog on personal and professional thoughts. Also publishing my MOOC essays / assignments. It’s the third attempt of blogging so far, this seems to be working actually!!!

EDIT:  {3rd August 2013} – A year-long of MOOCs has come to an end – exploring academia in this way helped me figure out what I want to pursue research wise – I ve even modified my MEd research topic since apparently language learning MOOCs are not so frequent – at least not in German. Still the gamification MOOC, some reviews and my overall published work made me realise, gaming is not just a hobby for me! So onwards to more gaming posts – with some MOOCs and creative writing on the side…

EDIT: {16 July 2014} – Getting a job this year in the far southern corner of Greece (Kos island) left no room for MOOCs, plus the MEd research paper is a whole lot to handle (ok, some procrastination ensued, as well). I shall continue my MOOC homework posts in this blog – I ‘ve also tried to tidy things up a bit. Creative challenge tasks, quotes and writing prompts moved here (two blogs, who am I kidding….).


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