Contributing MOOC reviews

Well it seems MOOCs are well underway – I can see the newest trend coming: separating the wheat from the chaff. Emerging MOOC platforms are numerous, so are the lessons provided. But are they all worth the trouble? Can they be made better? It remains to be seen.

I have contributed two personal reviews for during the past two weeks and it has helped me reflect immensely what worked for me and what didn’t. To be honest, we are only at the beginning, so feedback is crucial for a MOOC platform to succeed. Speaking of platforms, you might want to check out Sylvia Moessinger’s international guide to MOOCs around the world,with more parts soon to follow.

You can also check my review on Coursera’s Songwriting and Property & Liability MOOCs – all comments welcome!

Funny how in almost a year since I first entered a MOOC class I managed to catch a glimpse of Law, Music, Classics, Social sciences and Academic writing. My next MOOC involves video  game paratextual elements and – yeah did I mention that? – video games. I think I ‘ve discovered heaven…



The Language of Hollywood Coursera / Wesleyan Course :A review

Today I am going to shamelessly use this space and promote the newly founded site of – It contains everything you need to know about MOOCs, reviews, suggestions, how -to’s and lots of interesting ideas.

It also features my first publication which I hope you ‘ll find insightful.


As always feedback, comments and shares are most welcome….Off to my Mooc studying now…..