First – Year Composition 2.0 {Coursera / Georgia Tech} – Personal philosophy essay final (completely revised)

Embracing the utopian era of digitalized communication

Not a day goes by without me checking my online life. I have just finished my first cup of coffee and hastily eaten my sandwich. Not much of a breakfast but it will do. Second cup of coffee is brewing, while I boot up the laptop – thank God for Window 7, that Vista system took forever, I contemplate as I yawn. My throne my revolving IKEA chair awaits. First I open my e-mails tab, second tab belongs to Facebook  – should I open Twitter? – nah… leave it for later. Let’s open Google calendar  – oh crap, MOOC deadline today? – I don’t have time for a philosophical essay!!!   I do this regime almost every day, perhaps each time opening a different website or maybe accessing data from my cell instead of my laptop. For Christmas, I usually ask Santa for a new gaming PC or an iPad and I am a girl! Shouldn’t I be asking for new shoes or something? I beg to differ.

I am a digital native; I belong to the generation Y. Having said that, I have reinterpreted the term “generation gap” between us and the non digital literates as a complete and utter communication barrier. Thus, I would advise people to reconsider their hostile inclination towards technological tools. We live in a society of informatics. Information is digitally displayed everywhere, virtually enhanced, accessed and shared by millions of people every day. Our modern-day amenities include at least two or three digital devices. Companies now take a look at their future employee’s Facebook. Television has finally found a decent opponent. I could receive a piece of information in the news interpreted one way or I could surf the Internet – which I do – to find out multiple versions of the “truth” and personally decide which one is convincing or not. And yet there are people  – in the Western World – who are against social online connectivity and the use of technology, refusing to learn so much as to e-mail. Don’t get me wrong, in case an environment lacks the technological infrastructure, it is perfectly understandable to grin, while reading this text. The digital divide has yet to be bridged around the globe. However,  isn’t it anachronistic to remain a sworn enemy of progress at the dawn of the 21st century in parts of the world where progress actually flourishes?

I cannot fathom why a person would shun today’s technology, especially when it comes to considerably simplifying communications. I also don’t see the point on regarding  social media as spying tools. Number one, CIA and Interpol can spy you anywhere,anytime, they hardly need Google+ / Google maps / Google period. Secondly, what is it that you have to hide?







First-Year Composition 2.0 {Georgia Tech / Coursera} – week 2

Major Assignment 1: Personal Philosophy Essay

Compose a 400-500 word personal philosophy essay in which you lead your audience to recognize and understand why a specific belief is important to you. Before you begin, review the modules and slides from week two. Imagine that you are writing to another person enrolled in this course, someone who doesn’t realize that you hold this particular belief or that you hold it so strongly.

This essay is not fiction; instead, it is a way to share your belief about one aspect of your life. For example, you might write about one of the roles you play in your life, an important value you hold, a significant relationship you’ve had, a position you take on an issue, a personal goal, and so on.

Taking the red pill: Living in the  Matrix of conspiracy theorists


Human evolution has made our species stronger, brighter and more flexible; it has not, however, managed to save us from each other. Ever since the beginning of time, man rages war on fellow-man, inflicting pain and suffering in his wake. It is hard to blame human nature for being at fault; it sounds much easier to construct a scape goat, instead.

I marvel at conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones. They feed my need on attempting to explain the barbaric inner nature of the human race. It’s the ominous New World order regime or the faceless market conglomerates that prey on our innocent society. Them, I say, and not our endless lust and greed for more that causes the disproportional distribution of food and welfare. The blood sucking leeches,a.k.a. the banks, are responsible for our demise as a consumerist society; the fact that we were buying useless on credit, we couldn’t actually afford is entirely irrelevant. The wretched media are disseminating information as they please, withholding the truth from us! Can we handle the truth? Moreover, if we don’t like what we are watching, then how come we are still on the couch in front of the telly? We are being brainwashed by Hollywood, the conspiracy refutes. Of course, we are. Teenagers are starving themselves to look like Cosmo girls, because blondies emit strange, magnetic, radio waves keeping them away from the chocolate. At the same time, these girls lack proper attention from fellow humans, friends, family, themselves really. Even God has abandoned us in our hour of need. We seem to have left him first, I recall.

Take a good long hard look at ourselves – accept what we are capable of, mercy or utter evil, since we can practically do both, at the same time even! Our ego preceeds our social instincts. Ourselves are vastly more significant than others – perhaps we were “built” this way. I doubt if we are ever going to be able to survive within a globalised society, should we refuse to relinquish the “I” . Believing that corrupt politicians and satanic forces are paving the way to our destruction gives humans the benefit of the doubt as society’s true culprits. Still,  it’s our nature that is bribable and dishonest, politicians just manage to get away with it, that’s all.

When Neo had the choice between the blissful blue pill and the all knowing red one, he wanted to believe that there is something more out there, just like Mulder in the X-files, just like anyone in our modern pop culture. We want to believe – it’s just the popular thing to do. But there isn’t any Architect waiting to take responsibility for OUR own actions, I ‘m afraid.

Or is there?