Crafting an Effective Writer: Tools of the Trade – Week 2: Writing Assessment {Coursera / MSJC}

Choose two of the sentences listed below to expand by adding logical additional parts of speech (nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositional phrases). Your sentence should be at least twelve to fifteen words.

  • The children play.
  • The woman walks.
  • The sharks swim.
  • The flowers bloom.
  • The wind blows.
  • The computer hums.

Expansion attempts: 

The group of great, white sharks swim ominously closer to the diver in circles, while he is trying to capture a decent photo of them, alas in vain.

For days I rove about the soulless plains but, all I seem to be able to listen to, is the cold, northern wind that blows incessantly, humming through the frigid landscape of what was once a city of humans, long before the “Others” arrived in their spaceships, bringing an end to the age of Men on planet Earth. 

ps. That was the most fun and challenging assignment I had so far in a course!


Crafting an Effective Writer: Tools of the Trade – Week 2: Journal entries 1 & 2 {Coursera / MSJC}

Module 1 Writing Activity

In your journal, write down a list of at least five to ten nouns and five to ten adjectives as you observe a scene at home, work, or in your community.

For the purposes of this assignment I chose a scene from my community, my town called Alexandroupolis situated in Northern Greece.

Nouns [10]: 

  • sea
  • lighthouse
  •  cafés
  • seagull
  • street
  • cars
  • amusement park
  • square
  • fountain
  • street lamps

Adjectives [10]:

  • bustling
  • bright
  • towering
  • local
  • colorful
  • flying
  • seaside
  • cozy
  • luminous
  • azure (blue)

Module 2 Writing Activity

In your journal, continue your list of nouns and adjectives by adding in five to ten verbs and adverbs. Then, write a couple of sentences using your list of nouns, adjectives, verbs, and adverbs.

Verbs [10]:

  •  teem with
  • glow
  • are located
  • squawk
  • discern
  • marvel
  • stretch
  • stroll
  • draw one’s gaze
  • is/are

Adverbs [10]:

  • brightly
  • casually
  • noisily
  • enough
  • typically
  • almost
  • soon
  • virtually
  • surely
  • there

Sentences [8]:

How can you not  marvel at the azure blue sea that stretches beyond the horizon?

A flying seagull squawks noisily up ahead in the distance.

If you look close enough, you could almost discern a small fountain next to the  towering lighthouse.

The bustling street is teeming with cars parked across the lane.

On the left our gaze is drawn by a colorful wheel; an amusement park is surely somewhere over there.

People in the square are casually strolling around or drinking refreshments at the local cafés.

Typically, seaside cafés are located virtually everywhere in Greece; cozy tables of four accomodating groups of friends or family reunions discussing hours on end while sipping “frape”.

As nightfall time closes in,  luminous street lamps will start glowing brightly.