#Clmooc Week 1 Introductions


Making Learning Connected: The MOOC


Yet another cMOOC this week – it seems I am experimenting with those lately. We were asked to introduce ourselves and to do so include our digital alter ego, an avatar. She looks a bit fierce, come to think of it! Any thoughts?

My google+ entry in the MOOC’s community:

Hi everyone! So time for introductions – I created an avatar, using ageofgames.net since I hail from the epic/high fantasy gamer community – My name is Roza, I am currently a grad student at the Hellenic Open University, researching the use of MOOCs in German language teaching. So far I have managed to complete like 10 MOOCs – mostly the xMOOC kind – and I will try to create my own experimental one for the purposes of my dissertation this year. My blog is mostly a collection of my MOOC homework and some creative writing / gaming / opinionated articles on the side. Glad to join you!


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