Crafting an Effective Writer: Tools of the Trade {MSJC / Coursera} week 4 – Written Assignment

Describe a natural object or scene in nature. Use at least one each of the clauses and phrases you studied in the unit. Also, be sure that you include one each of the four sentence types in your description.  Using your knowledge from Unit 3, use action verbs and active voice, keep your verbs in the same tense, and maintain correct subject-verb agreement. Your description should consist of 9 or more sentences (up to 12).

Sentence types. Retrieved 30 May 2013 from

Exhausted from trekking the narrow, swirling path along the creek while climbing steep rocks in-between, you are finally there. Raise your eyes and observe the fortitude of nature, for a picture’s worth a thousand words. At first, a cool breeze intrudes your sense of smell, which ought to be the odour of mossy boulders. The back of your hand touches the icy, emerald-green waters of the pond, testing the temperature. Having configured your limitations, you urge yourself to take a dive right then and there.  Plunging bravely within, its frigid pureness startles your lungs, even though you seem to like it after the initial shock. To reach the minuscule waterfall, your swim stroke rate picks up; you ‘ve always wanted to bathe under nature’s showerhead, just like in the movies. Torrents of water are hurled down your head, the sensation of which lies beyond words.  You swim back to the lake bank, bearing a radiant smile.  During the time you remain seated, you attempt to capture the small details of the iconic landscape. Examine what lies within the small clearing with care: the low-lying lichen that adorns the hollow rocks, the amber orange leaves that float by the lake side,  all remnants of autumns past. Ascending cliffs intewind with lime green tree branches and they cause you to wonder how on Earth they grew roots up there.

[The scene being described is located on the island of Samothraki, Greece – you can see it here -> ]


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