Crafting an Effective Writer: Tools of the Trade – Week 3: Journals 1 & 2 / writing assignment{Coursera / MSJC}

Well, for the purposes of these assignments, I chose a scene from World of Warcraft (mmo rpg). It seems that every writing MOOC gives me the opportunity to talk about this game and …oh well…..I like it!!! I needed to use an array of  subjects and verbs this time, so here goes…

[this screenshot was taken from my PC during the Cataclysm expansion last year and it pays tribute to silliness and old times in the game  – it’s a mammoth parade!!!!]

Module 1 Writing Activity

Observe a scene, preferably in a crowded, busy, or public place. List the activities that you see occurring and the actors (those doing the activity). Write 5-6 sentences that use your observation list and underline the subjects of your sentences. Write a few sentences experimenting with using different types of pronouns from the tables in Unit 3.  You will want to keep all of these sentences at hand as you do the writing activities for this unit. 


Sentences [subjects are highlighted]:

  1. This is a narrow, cobblestone street in Dalaran.
  2. Everybody is riding either a Wooly Mammoth or a Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth.
  3. The riders have formed a  line as they parade within the city.
  4. Keeping the line tight seems tricky, but everyone is eager to join.
  5.  Avatar names as well as guild names are displayed above each player’s head in blue or green.
  6.  Can you notice that pint of ale on the sign? To rest while in the game simply walk into an inn for food, drink and a warm bed.

Module 2 Writing Activity

In your journal, continue your observation list of the scene you observed for Unit 3, Journal Assignment 1 by noting several vivid action verbs. Revise some of your sentences using action verbs and/or write 2-3 new sentences with action verbs. Try not to use any of the forms of “to be” (is, are, was, etc.).  Underline the action verbs in your sentences. Again, you will want to keep all of these sentences at hand as you do the peer-reviewed writing at the end of the unit.


1st sentence revised:  The viewer immerses himself  in the digital,  narrow, cobblestone streets of Dalaran.

4th sentence revised: Maintaining the line tight insinuates a certain amount of effort, but everyone yearns to join the fun.

Written Assignment: Drawing from your observation notes and sentences from Journal Writing Assignments 1 and 2, write a description of the scene you have observed. Use action verbs and active voice in your sentences. Also, keep your verbs in the same tense and maintain correct subject-verb agreement. Your description should consist of 8 or more sentences.

Imagine you reside in Azeroth, dear viewer. Immerse yourself in the digital, narrow, cobblestone streets of  Dalaran, among a cheerful crowd. “What is going on?” you ponder when there they surface in the distance, all of a sudden: the Mammoth riders! It appears, each and everyone of them is riding either a Wooly Mammoth or a Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth and the riders have formed a  line as they parade within the city. Maintaining the line tight insinuates a certain amount of effort. You yearn to join these Northrend heroes but these mounts are hard to come by, so you confine yourself to applauding in awe.   Avatar names as well as guild names are displayed above each player’s head in blue or green while their march progresses. Head a couple of steps further and you will notice a pint of ale on a sign. Simply walk into this  inn for food, drink and a warm bed, should you care to rest for a minute; the mammoth riders have faded away in the horizon by now. It’s time for you to commence your questing for the day.


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