e-Portfolio setup suggestion in MOOCs

Well, it seems that despite potential flaws, the MOOC hype has turned into a MOOC domination: they are certainly here to stay. One could account for a lot of problems – we are still amidst the initial phase of the emerging trend – yet one thing remains an absolute fact: productivity and collaboration in academia were never at its highest.

Personally I am enrolled in a lot of MOOCs, in a variety of platforms. For each and everyone of them I need to watch the videos, come up with notes, do my readings and then of course manage my homework.

Multiple choice tests are not the sole method of evaluating a MOOC although they seem to be quite objective and leave less room for debate. The infamous peer-feedback of the flipped classroom educational practice has amassed plenty of critique and painful reaction among MOOC students. Still, I am not going to enter that debate. Imagine, at this point, the amounts of written text produced as homework for all the MOOC classes. Imagine what it would be like to receive feedback from more than 1-5 peers, even outside their platform.

Since the cloud-based technology is offering huge advantages to education, one should come up with portfolios based on the cloud and in synch with all devices and platforms – thus promoting peer feedback and collaboration in real time from virtually everywhere. As a MOOC supporter I would like my homework from online courses to be effectively stored and shared – yet by all means copyright-protected –  so as to promote knowledge and exchange of ideas. Coursera and other leading MOOC providers should think of an integrated e-portfolio

that would allow the student to save his/her work at one place and make it easily shareable with the rest of the world (not downloadable though). On the plus side, any academic institution or company interested in a CV’s continuing education sector could glimpse the works of potential candidates and deem their overall productivity  in one place.

To avoid any misunderstanding, not only humanities offer written assignments as homework. An e-portfolio could hold a Python program, a gamification scenario, a social science experiment report, etc.

Any thoughts?




4 comments on “e-Portfolio setup suggestion in MOOCs

  1. Hi Rozoua, which e-portfolio tools are you familiar with? Our institution has signed up with Mahara, but it’s a free tool and doesn’t need institutional affiliation – it seems very promising. But I don’t think the tool matters so much as the concept – I think MOOCs would do well to encourage people to create their own documentation of learning – the personal blog is excellent of course, but so are various portfolio and wiki tools that you can select what to make sharable and what to keep private, and I think that’s the strength of the concept
    But apart from the documentation and reflection on personal learning, I’m interested to think more about the matters of peer learning and peer assessment – so much to say and no time to say it, have to rush off to a class, but just noticed your post here via Linkedin and thought I’d say g’day 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your feedback. I am currently using Accredible and I am keeping this blog,
      so I like the idea of personal documentation. But a CV would be more presentable with a valid continuing education
      url as part of a MOOC paltform, don’t you think? Implementing those wiki tools you suggest is all I am saying, make them able to be integrated in MOOC profiles.
      Peer assessment hahahaha, well that calls for a debate!!!!

      Have a nice day!!!!!

      • it sure does… next publication I think!
        is Accredible the new one just launched recently? I think I browsed when I saw the note in G community, but haven’t had time to go back yet.. how easy or otherwise are you finding that one? and how easy or otherwise would it be to fake credentials in it? Obviously it’s the talk you talk around it in an interview that matters, but I was wondering about that the other day… I am interested in your research too, as I’ve just rejigged my PhD-in-progress a bit to accommodate a chapter on MOOCdom rather than just the subsection I had going on before…. too much to say now I’ve done some!

  2. I was really satisfied with Accredible because all I wanted basically was a space to upload my written work and certificates in a presentable portfolio. I was pleasantly surprised with their focus on note taking and screenshots of various moments in your work; also they encourage you to upload a youtube video with a personal review of what a particular course has offered you. Can one avoid plagiarism or stolen work? Well I don’t know but the same goes for all kinds of academia work, doesn’t it?
    Uploading a ceritificate with your name on it seems to me the biggest proof.

    I ve been having a hard time finding a MOOC on German language teaching, which is my thesis research interest – only found one in Spain. Guess I ll have to pull one on my own as an experiment. Therefore I ve observed and participated in many MOOCs myself.

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